Gilbert & George’s EXISTERS, 1984

I’ve always loved the concept of Museum ‘Lates’ – a chance to reimagine museum and heritage spaces for an after-hours audience.

When devising the original BMAG Lates series for Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, I liked to focus as far as possible on giving the audience a chance to ‘play’ with the themes and the spaces in new ways.

Given this I was delighted to be asked back to work with the Brighton Museum’s youth panel, the Museum Collective, to deliver a Gilbert & George themed event, TitilLATE. Gilbert & George are an absolute gift when it comes to playful event programming, and the group and I had a lot of fun together putting together our activity wishlist. The resulting event was one of the quirkiest I have ever worked on – including live performance art, a silent disco museum tour and a chance to get down and dirty with some rather risqué ‘dick doodling’.

The Museum Collective were brimming with fresh ideas and were an absolute pleasure to work with. As you might be able to tell, we also had lots of laughs along the way!

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