Connecting Places: our untold stories

Beachy Head Lady.jpg

Image of Beachy Head Lady, a mysterious sub Saharan African living in Roman Eastbourne and subject of new work by Crosspath Theatre premiering at the unconference. Image copyright Graham Huntley.

I’m ashamed to say I had never even heard of an ‘unconference’ before I was asked to work on one! The general premise is that the format allows the audience to generate the agenda and content and therefore that ‘top down’ power is diminished.

Connecting Places: our untold stories was an unconference staged as part of the Brighton Fringe by the Brighton & Hove BME Heritage Network, and took place at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery on Friday 18 May.

As a representative of Royal Pavilion & Museums my main role was to support the logistics of the event rather than generate any creative ideas or content.

The high quality programme developed by the Brighton & Hove BME Heritage Network was by turns provocative, creative and a whole heap of fun, and I feel like I learnt a lot through my involvement.

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