Kingston RPM: Records, People & Music


Kingston RPM gig day, summer 2017

I have both a cat and a son named after David Bowie(!) so was just a little bit excited to be approached for some involvement in a project exploring the musical heritage of Kingston-upon-Thames, home to the legendary first outing of Ziggy Stardust at the Toby Jug Pub.

The Kingston RPM project brought this heritage to life with an exciting summer of public events, including an exhibition, focusing on the three main themes that emerged from the research: ‡

  • American musical influences brought to the area by US Army servicemen at their Bushy Park wartime base ‡
  • The Decca Records pressing plant (factory) at New Malden ‡
  • The live venues that hosted the likes of David Bowie, Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones

The lead partner on the project were Creative Youth, a charity that aims to enable young people to reach their potential through the arts, who asked me to develop a learning toolkit as a legacy document for all their hard work.

You can see the finished learning toolkit here:

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